Middle-Aged Women & 9 Months

June 17, 2017

Middle-Aged Women

A group of middle-aged women are sitting at a dining table together. One woman looks like Laura Linney.

June 19, 2017

9 Months

A young, woman is in an area with different scenery that have never seen in previous dreams or scenery. She is on a bus going in a straight direction, not like previous dreams that turned out to be Oregon in real life. $90. Then she is crying to an older guy and cannot handle it anymore. I say, “9 months really f***ed me up,”

Last night, late in the evening to early morning, sense  a guy was in my room. Next day, someone knocked on front door and when answered it, was gone. So, two days later AGAIN, someone knocking on. When answered it, two young guys, one reminded me of the guy I sensed in my dream, as far as his physical characteristics, but he wasn’t wearing a hat.

Jax & Carpet

June 13, 2017


A very large jax sculpture is sitting in a dimly lit room. A young, handsome man is dressed professionally with a suit. A woman is around because there is an item that is buried UNDERNEATH the house.

June 17, 2017


An African-American man is having a conversation with someone he is sitting across. I cannot hear their conversation.  At night-time,  a woman goes to a store to pick up cat food for her two cats. This area looks a little familiar, of a previous dream, but no place visited or lived.  Later, two women are looking at a red, stained carpet in one of the woman’s apartment. The stain occurred when returning home. A shuttle bus has the number 50.

Dirt Poor & Empty Apartment

June 7, 2017

Dirt Poor

There was this dirt poor family possible living in the South. A guy was in his living room and was contemplating, even debating,  if  he wanted to be a Satanist. Then there was a photograph and cannot see image in dream. However, it looks like the photo is being adjusted.

June 9, 2017

Empty Apartment

In a month, a caucasian woman is sitting at her desk. A woman is in her new, empty apartment with just a Jukebox in it. The apartment is all open. Then there are students getting into a large, classroom.

June 10th, 2017

Something odd, well actually nothing is odd to me anymore. Anyway, where I am temporarily staying , I was in my bedroom and it was quite, windy and the patio sliding door was open this morning. The wind was pushing up against my locked bedroom door and it sounded like someone giggling with the door trying to open it. I WAS AWAKE when this was happening and once I opened the door, the noise stopped. Throughout the years, I have been awakened to hearing someone giggling with usually the front door . It seems to have been a theme in my life and sometimes, I do not know if it was real life or I was dreaming.


June 5, 2017

These Mexican couple were sitting at the back of a bus. The guy was showing someone on the bus several newspapers with different city names, one being, “Almagordo” or something like that. The papers were written in english, but the towns were in Mexico. Then a woman is walking around an area with suitcases with other woman around her. She wants to get a brand new suitcase of a Zebra pattern. 41

I am on the Road to Nowhere

May 30, 2017

A young woman is taking a long trip on Greyhound. I can see in this dream the bus ticket and she has a lot of transfers. Once she gets to her destination, she has another 5 hours. How far is it to New York? I am not for sure exactly the final destination. Then I see a close up picture of an ethnic child with dark eyes and dark, short hair, possible of Asian descent.