Anxious Woman

March 16, 2017

A young, anxious woman is upset about her bill on the 5th. She is sitting across from a  guy who is on his laptop. She was going to use a computer. There is another, older woman around helping her. Later, she is on the phone. She gets a not-popular can of pop from a pop machine. There was a guy, who was giving her shit because she didn’t want to work.

Dimly Lit Rooms

March 15, 2017

There is a back room that is dimly lit, that contains shelves of chocolate figures.  A girl is sleeping while some guy sits on her bed. Her younger brother is standing outside and wants her to pay him money in cash, $100.  There is another dimly lit room full of suitcases. She is trying to get a hold of someone regarding her Zebra suitcase set.  They screwed up.  There is a feeling that there a couple of security guys around in this dream. The dream also seems foreign, even though I cannot see any scenery in this dream, it just feels that way.



Reboard Pass & Hamburger

March 14, 2017

Reboard Pass

Two women are waiting in a line, possible at a bus station. One of the woman, who is overweight, with black, wavy, frizz hair leaves the line and goes to a different door to leave, possible a reboard pass. Not sure, she doesn’t have any luggage. The other woman in line gives someone a raw piece of chicken, instead of a ticket.


A girl is at her friend’s place. Some guys come over, and she grabs her backpack from the closet. They decide to go out to eat for hamburgers.


Replaced AGAIN 4 the 1 Hundredth Millionth Time

March 13th, 2017

CLEAR. This young woman has blue eyes and short, black hair to her neck.  She has bangs and wears her hair behind her ears.  She is smiling at herself in the mirror. There is an older guy around who is assisting her. Store something.

Well, I had another CLEAR dream a young woman, who looks just like me, like when I was between the ages of 18-22. So, I get replaced again, it reminds me of the episode, “Monday, ” from the X-Files. When Pam (Carrie Hamilton) tries to change a series of events that lead to tragic consequences.




Concrete & Warmth

March 11, 2017


A man is in a large, concrete building by himself. He is storing something of value, like GOLD, a rectangular shape in  a ceramic kiln. A young, really smart woman doesn’t know about another woman who is attracted to her. Then there is a view of a sea, as if on a small boat.

March 13, 2017


A man, who radiates warmth, saw a woman’s bill for $180. He thought it was much higher than other people’s bill. She thought maybe the refrigerator needed to be checked.




New Girlfriend

March 10, 2017

Well TODAY is my birthday and I celebrated earlier this month by taking a tour of the Grand Canyon.

Some strange things have been occurring this month. On March 2nd, when I received a message from a man named PAUL regarding the tour, the phone number had three 6’s in it. I am somewhat superstitious!

Then on March 8th,  an issue with a man named PAUL. 

Anyway, my dream is short and involved a young man. This dream is very dimly lit and takes place in his bedroom. He is basically sleeping in his bed and I think he may have a buzz haircut, maybe a little longer. There was a woman around, but not able to see her in this dream. From what I sense she is doing in this dream, it maybe his next girlfriend.

Ants Galore

March 9, 2017

There are two light-colored couches that are across from each other. Threadbare like, but clean enough to sleep on. Two women are sleeping soundly on each couch. There maybe a boy there as well. A woman goes upstairs and there is a small room that ants are all over the walls, ceiling and even the floor. It may be a glorified closet or linen room, but whatever it was it was gross.