Blame Someone Else

May 6, 2013

I mentioned to someone, “Hey, they came into my apartment,” There was this long, haired, blond hair guy walking around with some other guy who I cannot see. They were looking for an upscale restaurant. Then I kept seeing different doctors, usually at a desk, one blond woman, and another from Philly,a white-haired doctor, “Blame Someone Else,” My Mom insisted that I am not like that. There is a message scribbled on a paper towel in the bathroom. There is a sense of a beach and sand

June 6, 2018

Earlier this month, I took a short trip to see friends. It was strange, part of this came TRUE! There was an older guy with white hair, sitting behind me on the bus. He was talking on the phone for most of the trip. He mentioned how he was almost evicted from his Hotel (Motel) because he was smoking in his room, which wasn’t allowed. I guess they were going to take $250 out of his check, because of the violation. The Hotel(Motel) owner was going to throw him into the street, but the owner’s wife talked him out of it. He was flying to New York and would be staying in a Motel on Staten Island until he gets a place. He wasn’t for sure who he would see for medical needs, he mentioned he had a former doctor in Philadelphia, that he could see. 

He had white hair and mentioned Philly so I thought it was important to document.