Popping Up

May 13, 2013

Vivid.  I was in a different apartment and I overheard one of the neighbors yell misdemeanor. Out of nowhere, a guy appeared at my front door. Then two girls (popped) up behind him. He wanted some advice and I mentioned that you need two people to aid in crisis center. They did it to me before, I should know. Then he disappeared. I was wondering where I was going ? Way out there ? Hidden. There were these yellow scallions in the sink that were removed.

Later on in dream.. There was a girl wearing a bikini on a bus. Swimming pools, water. I told some guy at the desk that Florida doesn’t have lakes, it has an ocean. This woman was so happy, she mentioned Pensacola and I mentioned Panama City. I needed this guy to believe in past lives and he said that I would find someone. Then the door was unlocked and some official came into the house.