The Magazine

September 6, 2013

I was interested in reading this magazine article. On the cover was a young woman with brown hair and eyes and a wide, smiling grin. This guy and I were having a discussion concerning my college. I told him that I never finished my Art Degree. In spite of obtaining straight A’s and a couple of B’s, I never excelled in any particular area of art. Now, I would have to take pre-calculus. He thought it was comical for me to even consider attending school at my age and plus the lack of finances.

There was a scale from 1.0-9.0 and I was at a 1.0. There was this woman who thought this other woman was a lesbian, but she was straight. These two woman were both sleeping in the same bed, and one of them cuddled up to the other one for comfort, she was lonely.


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I began documenting my dreams in May 2010
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