Conversation with Brother

December 31, 2013

I prevented this woman from entering my apartment. A woman was walking up some stairs and at the top was a dresser. I told my brother that a friend of ours and I both had a similar dream, of me wearing white. He slept in the closet of this friend, not on the black, blow up sofa. He wasn’t suppose to wear black to church, but did it anyway. He forwarn me that someone would try to stop me. I told him that I would sick hurricane Sherry after him, his former boss from New York. He was in his own way of being a success.


December 31, 2019

This dream took place in the Pacific Northwest and am no longer living in that area. On the 31st I received a letter regarding pest control and thus they will be coming into my apartment to spray on the 8th of January. Since I have been living at my current residence, oddly enough, every single time I go out of town, even a couple of hours away, I get a letter of someone entering my apartment for some reason. I did not no if my neighbor received one as well. Oddly enough my friend & I had similar dreams, not about me wearing white, but of both of us hitching a ride to somewhere. 

I did talk to a high school friend and her husband was just diagnosed with the same congenital heart condition. My friend was concerned about me and was forwarn me of possible issues with my heart in the future. Oddly enough, I was looking over my medical reports and it states that my heart on the right side is enlarged and my doctor didn’t tell me that. My friend’s husband’s heart was enlarged and blood wasn’t flowing in and out of his heart properly.