SEE & Four Pics

March 22, 2015


There is a older woman sitting at a desk, I have never seen her in any of my dreams. In 2 weeks, the left-side of my stomach. This one young woman is taking a bus to a place with a counter. Someone mentioned an address or directions, strange name. I can’t remember. Reminded woman of strange street names, SEE. A woman said, “Will give job to some, twenty- something hot thing and the hell with the forty-something. She never said I had to pay for gas. I swear on my mother’s grave. A room has several retro furniture, two old fashion televisions.

March 23, 2015

Four Pics

A man is on the internet, blank papers. Three women are possible in their place together. There about four pictures, not photos, but artwork. There is an elevated area with a thing to look through at scenery.