Timing 2002

Miniseries of Diary of 2002

November 6, 20o2 (CONT)

TWICE, I could have sworn that I had a dream about my Mom. One was about her smoking and another she was sitting in her wheel- chair.  It bothers me that there isn’t more dreams. I am waiting for her, maybe she doesn’t think I am ready. Some day, after I have come to terms with her death. I wish to be happy for her that she is happy , loved and in heaven. This will take time! I wish God didn’t have to take her from me, but it was for the best. Because she was so ill, I am surprised she didn’t pass away sooner, but I question the timing. Why October 19? Why not until after the holidays ?

October 6, 2016

I still never figured out why I could sense my Mom’s energy at night, but not have many dreams of her since this blog is dedicated to DREEMS.

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