Plans for New Years 2002

Mini-series of diary of 2002

November 6, 2002 (CONT)

I need to make plans and go to Vegas for New Years, instead of buying a burial plot next to Mom and she will understand. My depression is getting worse and need to leave for a little bit. My sweet cat Athena, has been most supportive. But, I am broke and still haven’t paid any phone bills and shouldn’t donated money to WOOFINGS. Am I suppose to go nuts in the meantime ?! It is torture being in MN! I guess, I will know when the timing is right. I do not want to work in MN until after March 2003, I have been applying for jobs in Vegas.  It want to go to the Georgia Hostel, so I can stay in a treehouse

October 6, 2016

I never did make it to Vegas, even though there is MUCH talk about it in this mini-series. I do not know if it was Minnesota, but I usually do not have feeling of going nuts anymore, maybe It was my Mom’s death. It was a very lonely place to be.  I still want to go to that hostel in Georgia.

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