Response 2002

November 17, 2002 (CONT)

Last night, a card taped to the wall, fell twice. Mom are you there? and a dream catcher moved, but a candle was underneath it. I just watched a TV program and someone who commit suicide, told someone he or she was going to make a picture fall. There are days when I feel like my Mom is with me and days, like today in which she is not. I worry about her judging me, they say the dead can hear your thoughts. I just wanted her to know that I really loved her, every ounce of love I gave her, was from my heart. I loved giving to her. Sometimes, I get upset when she doesn’t come visit. I’m sure she has a lot to do. So, I  hope she comes to me when I am really crying & missing her she comes to me at night. I have to believe it is my Mom.

October 7, 2016

I honestly do not know if the card or candle was proof of the presence of my Mom, sometimes when one is grieving, you want it to be true, and at times, it just might be. I do believe it was my Mom who came to me in the evenings for weeks, who or what else could it be. It started happening shortly after her death.

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