ANGER 2002

Mini-series of diary of 2002

December 3, 2002

Last night I was dancing to Diana Ross and I would’ve sworn that I turned off my radio. Later, it was on. I probable forgot.

December 4, 2002

Today, I’m feisty and miss my Mom. I keep trying to think of telling off that BITCH counselor. I do not feel like taking any shit from anyone. My cousin told me she hasn’t been calling and hanging up, but I did * 69. Will you quit fucking with me every time, I turn around. I think I am supposed to fight and not take any shit.

October 10, 2016

I really didn’t want to write this entry, but it shows my frustration of people not understanding about my Mom’s death, plus one of the stages of grief, ANGER. It is important to write everything to get an accurate perception of the grieving process.

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