Christmas in Colorado 2002

Mini-series of diary of 2002


December 31, 2002

I just got back yesterday from a Christmas vacation in Colorado. It was a rough holiday with my family. The same cousin who I spent Thanksgiving with told me that she felt my Mom’s presence for a week after she passed away. There was a light by her closet and she came to her in a dream. She was standing over her as she slept, wearing a white shirt and told her,” Tell and my name, I am O.K.” It was a relief to hear.  I asked how did she look? No response. I confided in my cousin that she looked younger in my dreams, before her cancer. So some of the things that happen to me is not all in my head.  I’ve been telling my friend and therapist that, “I hope my Mom is O.K.” My therapist said the deceased cannot talk in your dreams, and another friend, who met my Mom, said, “It sounds like something she would say.” My cousin also confided in me that she felt my Mom was watching over me while I slept on the couch, when I was at her place. I felt this as well when at my brother’s house.  I wonder why my Mom could not tell me herself? Maybe she chose physical sensation, so she could hold my hand. She was also with me at my aunts (HER SISTER) on Christmas Day morning, but her presence wasn’t as strong. I hope she is with me always and comes to me in dreams.

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