The Dead DO Tell Tales! 2002

Mini-Series of diary 2002


January 6, 2003

I had a dream about my deceased Mom(Grandma), who was sick in a big house. My Mom’s sister, and another guy were afraid to see her because they thought she was dead. It had been a couple of days, maybe four. So, someone offered said, “I’ll go over there and be there for her.”  The person was willing to open the door to see if my Mom(Grandma) was dead.  So, when this person showed up,  my Mom(Grandma) was still alive. This wasn’t Minnesota, but California because we were going to bury her at the Chapel of the Chimes by her Mom(Great Grandma)

October 11, 2016

Now this entry is unique.  My Grandma died in 1972, when I was age 2, so do not know the circumstances of her death, except that she died of a heart attack in bed. She is buried in California, not Minnesota. So, this dream may actually be through the eyes of my deceased Mom.

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