Past Lives 2002

Mini-Series of 2002

January 8, 2003 (CONT)

The only past lives that I recall, all end it death!

First, the dream that I am stabbed in the stomach. I did something and thought the other person didn’t know, BUT HE DID. (READ ABOUT ME)

Second past life, I may have been a Roman.  But I was forgotten about and left to die in a dungeon. Not for what I did, but WHO I WAS (10/13/2016 possible political) I recall my body not being able to move and rigor mortis kicking in (During a healing session)

Thirdly, when a healer told me of a past life in Ireland during the potato famine.  I was a woman and came home and found my entire family dead.  I tried to deal with it, but went MAD and hung myself.

I can only recall one POSITIVE past life, as a drunken sailor and may have drowned and my feet getting caught in fishnet.

Another dream of  a possible past life, a very, pretty woman with long, brown hair with similar face, like mine, but she was beautiful.(October 13, 2016 Southern Bell)

I also, recall a vivid dream in which a woman, is lying on a gurney face down, with her eyes open. The view was from being underneath the woman and seeing a blinding, bright light above her.

I read somewhere that will have an interest in past lives as a way  to help heal in this lifetime. Does this mean that I will die early in this life now ? Maybe that is why I feel I cannot live up to my highest potential because of this fear.

October 13, 2016

Well, well, well.. I have been anxiously waiting to document this entry.

I do recall the dream of getting stabbed in the stomach and then dragged, to like a shed.

A Roman past life, that era and as a teenager I was interested in Greek Mythology. Also, the part of this past life that is repeating itself in this lifetime, possible in recent years in Seattle, “He didn’t know about it.” Even one of my friends said, that without me saying anything to him.  To this day, I still do not know exactly what I did, in that past life, nor in this one, whatever, it was it was not intentional.

The past life in Ireland was told to me, so it may or may not be true, but as a teenager, I recall being magnetically drawn to a couple of women, with long, red frizzy hair.  Also, of that dream shortly after my Mom’s death, of a woman looking like that.

I do not know if the dream of the sailor on a ship, who possible drowned. He had white hair, like to sing, smoked a cigar and happy-go-lucky. But, I do not recall his death.  However, as a teenager  was fearful of seaweed for some reason.  Like a net, I didn’t want it touching my feet.

Then another past life that a two different people at two different times in my life, one I was 18, the other I was 32, told me similar stories.

I was 18, a woman told me that my last past life, I died before my time and in this lifetime, I will not.

Then later, when I was 32, during a psychic convention, a woman told me that I was an english educated doctor working in the leper colonies in India. It was my custom, to return to England, to raise money for the cause.  The ship sank during a storm, and I perished. As the ship was sinking I thought, ” I failed my people,  I did not finish my work. When I was a teenager, people use to tell me that my handwriting was like a doctor.

I think my uncle Jack, who has passed on may have been a pirate. He use to walk around dressed like the 1950’s, with his black hair slicked back, cigarettes rolled in his sleeve and he liked parrots.

May 12, 2017

Well there has been some clarity to possible a past life. I overheard a conversation of some guy who was getting kicked out of his current town(?) So, his friend mentioned that she would come get him. I do not know the situation. However, this explains, “They were suppose to come back there to get me, they left me there, and I died.” So, maybe in a past life I was kicked out of a town, or whatever, just a thought.

Also for some reason, out of the blue, I was thinking of a therapist when I was 19 years old around May 9-10th. Then as I was waiting for a train, a man that may have been homeless, no one I knew, said to me, “Hello, kiddo.” The therapist used to call me, “kiddo” and no one else says that to me. I am sure in hell am not no kiddo NOW, it just was odd is all!

November 23, 2020

This is amazing first I want to state a DISCLAIMER: after watching something on youtube.

So the people involved were acting as a conduit, that is all you need to know:

So the words that were being said by different people include ( I have made BOLD the words that I believe apply to me) Most were not.

Hey you guys     Steve     OH MY GOD     Watch This     Impressive     There you are     Why so serious?    Sent (here?)     Friend                 Seven three one three

Why’d they care?             Quite fun             Buenas Dias    Spirit Box       Crystal

Be Calm                                 Room                    Filming Video   Room               Catacomb

Peter                                        Four                       Get Out               Devil              OH MY GOD

Baby                                         Mini                         No                          Pain                    Death

Seven                                     Caring                   Hope                     Poisioning      You bet

Hand                                       Try again              I’m drowning    Pissed Off     

Go where you like            Get down             Who are you?  32                    Here for you

I’m scared                           What is that?       The Power        Demons            Mama

It Stops                                 Blood                      Here is the grave            The devil is here

Don’t Stop                           You got Demons

January 2, 2020

Flavio Owen Tried Befriending Me on Facebook

February 28, 1998 & December 10, 2020 ENTERED LONDON is Orthopedic Doctor


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