“It is A Shame to Die So Young” 2002

Mini-Series of diary 2002

January 27, 2003

I had an upsetting dream about my Mom. It was a sunny day and she was at a park. She was moving around a picnic table and seem to be in her own world.  At a distance ,  I told her that I missed her and wanted to give her a hug, but couldn’t.  She wasn’t even aware that I was even there. Then I heard a voice in my dream, that was not hers, “It is a shame to die so young.” I do not know what this dream meant. After 3 months of being deceased, my Mom has accepted this, but I cannot.  I feel her presence slipping away from me as each day goes by. Now instead of nightly, it is once a week.I think she wants me to move on with my life.

October 23, 2016

Well about 14 years later, and I still am not for sure what this dream means. All, I can think of is that my Mom enjoyed going on picnics, so she was letting me know. Something odd has been happening in my present life. Both, a family member , friend and I  with  a certain amount of money is coming into play, one will be getting some money,  another will be getting something paid and another is a debt.

2 thoughts on ““It is A Shame to Die So Young” 2002

  1. Hello Bluegirl,

    This dream reminds me of those dreams that I have sometimes where I am seeing things, but I am probably not physically in the dream itself.

    Do you think that you were physically in the dream and what happened when you tried to hug your mom in the dream?

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr


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