Meeting 2002

Mini-Series of diary 2002

January 29, 2003

For the last couple of day, have been feeling depressed and low energy. I woke up late, at 11:30 AM, so missed my acupuncture appointment. I dreaded attended a grief support group because had to tell the story of Mom’s passing. I got quite emotional. At the meeting were 3 sisters, who lost a brother, a couple, who lost his Mom, a woman, who lost her Mom and a man, who lost his Mom 10 years ago, and is losing friends to cancer. After, the meeting, I waited for a bus outside in the cold because did not want to be in same hospital my Mom died. I sensed my Mom’s presence when got home, but for the last two weeks, having been feeling all alone. I didn’t even bring up the loss of my dad, which he died in 2000.

October 23, 2016

I remember being very angry at this meeting and making a fool of myself, but it is part of the healing process. I have written and in this group was told, people chose to die in the fall. I do not know why, however, I STRONGLY encourage anyone to seek grief support groups, especially during the holidays.

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