Minnesota 2002

Mini-Series of diary 2002

January 31, 2003(CONT)

One of my friends may have a girlfriend, and I think is going to disappear. One of my other friends, do not hear.  I am forgiving people who should not be forgiven and NO ONE wants me around them.  I am TOO strange to live in Minnesota and at times, get strange looks. The doctor’s need to figure me out so that can leave. I always want to escape during the wintertime, thank goodness is only two months left. I have been alone for 3 weeks and can’t handle it anymore. If I am going to be alone, I might as well leave. I wish I met someone like me, so we can travel together.  The people I have met at church are wacked. But the doctor’s need to figure my illness. It is becoming like Seattle, here in Minnesota, of not being accepted. Prior to leaving Seattle (2000) a woman, who may have been romantically interested in me, left me a message.

October 23, 2016

I keep constantly complaining about Minnesota in these 2002 entries. It was mainly Minneapolis, I think I outgrown it. After, I finally moved out-of-state in 2004, I have NEVER ever lived in Minneapolis ever again. However and I have written this in another entry, I have lived in St. Paul. St.Paul is much calmer and laid back, which is a quality that I liked about Seattle.  I do have fond memories of early times in Minneapolis, when I lived in Uptown, when it was artsy fartsy and the 90’s.

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