Acceptance 2002

Mini-Series of 2002

February 10, 2003(CONT)

It is hard to find a doctor to take me seriously. By the time a doctor helps me, I will have to be put into the hospital. The facilitator of the grief counseling group mentioned about having the same problems within a year, of the person who passed away. I once told my Mom that I felt her pain and she said, “You Do?” Maybe, I actually did. Once my Mom got rid of her cancer is when my breathing and stomach issues seem to begin, plus they had to remove part of my Mom’s intestines.  I told my Mom last night, that I am more accepting of her passing. The pain isn’t as intense. It was nice of her to come into my cousins dreams and tell her a message for me. She couldn’t talk for some reason. I do believe that my Mom and I were in a past life together. I have a feeling, or sense that before I die, I may actually see her again. She would want to see me and sure misses me. She will visit me when she can. Sometimes, I forget she has passed on, I want to call her and it is strange cannot. Besides, issues with my health,  things are going good for me and it is a relief.

October 23, 2016

My aunt for years, wanted to call up my Mom, so we both missing calling her on the phone. Also, I did have a facilitator in a group, tell me that my Mom and I were sisters in our past life. He saw us doing each others hair. We always tried to remain close, which was true in this lifetime as well.  It took at least 2 years to heal from my Mom’s death . I do not think I ever completely recovered from her passing. This is the last entry of the mini-series of the diary of 2002.

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