The End

January 10, 2016

Well it has been a little over a week and I cannot remember any dreams. So, I think this is the end of my dreams, but I have thought it was the end before. One time when I was watching Joel Osteen on TV, I remember him saying that God shows you the END first of how things are to play out in your life. This entry here is one of the first entries of my Dreem Gournal. The first entry was titled, “At the Crossroads” where an African-American woman is helping me, then the next entry is this one.

Girl in Photograph

June 26, 2010

Two of my male friends and myself were walking near swamp lands off the coast of Florida. After, a little break, these men gave me a big responsibility. Then I saw a photograph of a girls portrait of her in first or second grade. Then this girl was dancing and then went to go seat by her baby brother on the couch.

January 11, 2017 I am adding more information to this dream that was left out.

I was walking somewhere and then I was with two people and I had a big responsibility, after a little break. Then I saw a photograph of a picture of a girl, who looked just like me. It was like a school picture of me that I had, didn’t see it. Then it showed the girl moving around before picture-taking. Then the next part she was with a baby that was sleeping and posing for a picture.

Now from what I remember, One man had blond-hair and blue eyes, hair parted in the middle and the other man was African-American and we were all by a swamp, like lake for some reason.  I do not know what”big responsibility” they were talking about, but I think it most likely was a job, but that did not happen, at this point.   I cannot remember what the girl, looked like at all, but dark brown hair, like me.  Her brother, could have been her son.

I have been documenting my dreams now, for almost 7 years and it so disheartening to know what  God’s plans  for me, and to see my dreams taken away from me, piece by piece , over the years until  there is nothing left.



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