Hayley , Haile or Hailey

My dream entry, “ THE BLOCK ” on August 4, 2013 stating there was some kind of robbery, downtown,  emergency, blocked off.

My dream entry, “I Got it Wrong” on August 5, 2013  I was planning to go visit my oldest niece and meet her daughter for the first time.  I haven’t seen her in a really long time. Then these words I heard in my dream. I got it wrong, it was Colorado, not California. “Get the hell out of there!” (my aunt told me over the phone)

This was in real life.

On August 19th, 2015 I was walking down the street in Reno and a young woman, who looked like a lesbian introduced herself to me and she shook my hand. Her name was Hailey. She told me that she liked my New York shirt.

I recently made an entry, “ TO STEAL.” about a real life event of a dog STEALING MY SLIPPERS from back patio.  I awoke  3X thinking, “I need to get out of here.”


January 18, 2017

Now in my entry’s, most of the time I do not specify a person name, but mention friend, brother, etc.. but I am going to give more information, and will just mention Hayley or Haile.  Hayley is my nieces, only child, who I still have not met. Then I am a member of ancestry.com, and I heard from a woman, in my family tree, whose last name is Haile.  So, I was like oh my GOSH! I just hope I didn’t miss an opportunity because I didn’t keep in contact with everyone, moved around.



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