January 22, 2017

Well it has been windy and raining, most of the day, actually a good part of this week. It is COLD rain, so staying inside and watching Xena episode’s and reading, “The Sound and the Fury,” by William Faulkner and drinking Green tea with honey.  I prefer the Washington rain over this, it is a light rain.  In Florida, it rains cats & dogs ALL day. So, I slept in late and kept waking up from my sleep with bits of dreams… so here it is…


It is night-time and a girl is sleeping on the upper bunk with her back pack with her. There also is a Mexican or Spanish woman sitting on the coach without any lights on. Then this girl is on a shuttle # 56 or #76. She has a lot of change with her, but is looking for a bus token to pay driver.  There also is another girl there on shuttle. Later her Zebra back pack is with a pile of things on the floor in the house she is staying. Something gross, there is something that looks like a laptop, not sure, but it has all these dead ants on it.


It is probable part of my refrigerator!



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