December 23, 2020

Frances Justice

January 29, 2017

My first dream of France… this dream was very surreal… I thought it was France, but not sure, I knew it was a foreign country.  I just remember going outside and seeing an army of horses charging in an western direction on an open lawn… the French Revolution.


Surrounded by an Army

March 2, 2013

My coin purse was empty and then was carrying a purse on my shoulder. I then was in a foreign country and came out of my white house on a hill. I saw an army with men on horses coming towards my house.

I have been having dreams regarding a French woman…

November 1, 2016

Little Girl

My body has been aching, and thought it was my bed causing me discomfort… so, I slept on the couch. But, I was awoken to an indentation at the end of the couch, like someone sitting down….Boo…Ghost…a man died in this apartment…so this is my dream. A young girl is sleeping on a twin size bed in a room. She has hamsters in the room. She wanted to buy a chocolate muffin.  Later, a french woman, who has short-black hair is around the girl.

I thought how odd… who is this French woman…then Pulse

December 23, 2016


I awoke to hearing a noise like a pulse, heartbeat. I looked outside my window, then kitchen window and back door peephole and SAW nothing. I didn’t know what the noise was, maybe something electric, cooler outside. Anyway, I cannot recall most of my dreams. There were three guys, older, sleeping in a clean, one room with a bunk bed.

Then I am reading the book, “Birdsong”, by Sebastian Faulks, which takes place in France 1910

” In his notebook the code word Stephen used when describing a certain aspect of Madame Azaire(French woman) and of his confused feeling towards her was “pulse”.

“Up in his room, Stephen listened to the noises of the night…There came a noise that this time was not the shutter or the sound of water but something shriller and more human…He opened the door on to the landing…     The noise was a woman’s voice…coming from the floor below…He could feel the swell of his heart against his chest and a light pulse in the flesh of his neck.”

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