Swept Under the Rug

March 18, 2017

This guy with brown hair and eyes, is hanging onto the side of a boat, he has a smaller boat. I can see water, like ocean or sea in the background. There are a couple of people around, A woman asked if heard about something. There is a wooden floor, that has a rug with a boat hidden underneath the floor.

This dream really doesn’t make much sense to me. For the last couple of  days, have been getting headaches, and sleep has been disrupted.  Anyway, I  believe the correct version is that there is some guy hanging out in his small boat. A woman asked someone a question, about hearing something.  Since there is a rug on the floor and a “boat” underneath the floor of the rug, I think it just means that the “boat” has been hidden underneath the rug, or swept under the rug.


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