March 21, 2017

A man has a piece of paper for a young, woman to fill out.  As she looks to her left side, she sees water, the area reminds me of the Pacific Northwest. But, no place I have ever been in real life.  A woman has just her right, middle finger full of black ink, like what is used in fingerprinting. However, this is rather odd and I am not for sure what it means, but the finger is black up until the knuckle.  Later, she is walking around at night. She sees another woman, possible from India, or some other ethnic nationality, not sure because it is dark. Anyway, I guess this young woman tried to grab her hand, and she rejected her sexual advances by pushing away her hand.

April 11, 2017 One of my relatives went to a concert of the band, “In This Moment” I have never heard of them. However, I may have seen the video at one time, but forgot about it. Look at the lead singers hands.


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