Deja Vu

May 8, 2017

Something spooked me today and this IS NOT A DREAM.  I come into town on a bus and I am carrying some luggage and sit in the back seat. The FIRST guy who starts a conversation with me, just happens to have lived in the small town.  He was asking me questions about the town and was contemplating of returning to live. I JUST GOT off the goddamn bus and sit down and THIS GUY USED TO LIVE THERE. What are the odds of that ??? Then he throws me through a loop and mentions a tragedy that occurred there years ago.  I never heard anything about it.  However, oddly enough there was another tragedy with a woman’s parents, which made me think that history may have repeated itself.  When I arrived at this train center, it felt like Deja Vu. I have never been there, yet it looked so familiar, that I could have sworn I dreamt about being there, but forgot about it.  I do not recall the guy in the dream at all.


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