$400 per month

July 1, 2017

These two women were at this fairly large bookstore, but it wasn’t B&N. It reminded me of a bookstore in the Capitol Hill area in Seattle. Anyway, as one of the woman was at the counter, she noticed a slightly older man with a thin book in his pocket. Also, there was a woman who was renting a weekly hotel. She wanted to try to get a deal and live somewhere else at just under $400 per month.  I thought of Las Vegas, but did not see desert in this dream. It also feels like a straight, short distance from her current place.

Update on July 14, 2017  To me this may mean that in a month, a man will pocket $400, actually a little under this amount. The situation may be arising from Las Vegas. Also, in real life there was an issue with one of my books that ordered months ago that I feel may be symbolic. I ordered a couple of books, and did not receive a refund for a book not received. The amount was credited to me account, but then was reversed. Also, a family member was reimbursed around this amount on one-four.


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