False & Loud Noise

August 8, 2017


In this dream, my nephew is sitting on a couch. Then there is something about the 4th of July. A man and woman are having a conversation in the background, and do not recognize the voices. It seems the woman is standing up for herself or someone else regarding a situation, seems false.

August 9, 2017

Loud Noise

I kept falling back asleep, so had several different dreams. There are a couple of African-American people, I think a woman, man and another guy. I see the back of an African-American guy walking and then hear a gunshot sound. However, do not see anything else, so maybe it was a loud noise?

Then a guy with short, blond-hair and blue eyes is in a room in his apartment.  I have my red tote bag that is full of hiking/camping items. I am thinking of going to Denver, than Wyoming for some reason.

The noise may be about something regarding an apartment. I have PSTD and am sensitive to noise, and have vacated apartments due to noise.

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