Transit Center

August 11, 2017

This young woman is sitting next to another woman, at a transit center waiting for a bus. The young woman seems to have several bus schedules, although I cannot see the number of the routes, however they look like schedules from MSP. Later, as she is walking she takes off her black, wrap around strap sandal on her left foot. Then a young, blond-haired girl is hanging out with some guys.

Today, something unusual happened. I talk to an older guy about a trailer to rent.  He mentioned that he just started working there because he didn’t make  3X the rent. I mentioned issues regarding public transportation and he recommend the next town over. When I researched, both towns are included in a dial-a-ride like program.  

I had a dream several years back about an older guy on a computer in a dimly lit room.  Who mentioned about working. I thought it was Lake Tahoe in this particular dream.  There are also references in another dream regarding August 14th of someone getting my job. 


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