My Friend & I Having Similar Dreams

October 28, 2017

I awoke from some guy waking me up, “Stay Away From Me,” I did not recognize him.

I recall me saying this from a previous I researched and I said something very similar in a dream titles, “Women” in 2014.

On the floor was shattered glass in little pieces…the next day, I heard glass shattering outside but could not tell exact location.

An older guy with dark, wavy hair was downstairs in his house and a young woman wouldn’t let anyone in her room. A woman came to her door. Then a young guy had a tape recorder, that would not stop recording.

Later, she was outside in the back yard, outside a wooden fence shoveling snow.


Friends Dream…

I just awoke from a dream…I was at a house in Northern Minnesota and it was a man beginning with the letter B and his daughter. It was snowing outside. In wilderness area. Also SAME DREAM, my friend with the initials BB, elderly lady who passed came to me in that North Minnesota town wherever I was and gave me cash. Also, SAME DREAM, there was a man and a woman around the house. I don’t know what all that means. Maybe just because I been stressing plus, maybe because I ate homemade soup before bed** not NY…my age.

So a couple of years back, I had several dreams about a father and daughter, both with brown hair and brown eyes that did not come to pass.  It also took place in a forest area, and friend does not know. Also, I have been paying a motel in my guess is that this deceased elderly woman will give my friend close to the same amount that I will have paid out…it happens all the time…stolen blessing…

There was both a man and woman in my dream as well, young…we both been stressing…

I have made plans to be in NY in the near future and NO ONE knows !!

Also there is a bisexual guy, who is the same age as me, that I found about while living in Nevada..same age as me.


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