Middle-Aged Man

November 13, 2017

There are two guys, who are getting cash in their hands, $5.

November 14, 2017

I awoke earlier this morning with anxiety… a couple of times this month with, ” I need to get out of here,” which to me is more of a forewarning than a panic attack. Well this particular morning I awoke thinking that,  “My livelihood will die under me,” Then I heard about an apartment later, believes the wrong apartment.

A middle-aged man, with balding hair is wearing a suit and sitting in a chair at a house.He has a smile on his face and is a little overweight. (Saw picture of similar guy when traveling) A couple were staying in separate rooms, as they stayed at a Hotel. The woman was unfamiliar, she wanted to bring a couple of suitcases. A woman with a meat cleaver is standing in a kitchen (AZ) My youngest brother & old-time friend, who appear in dream, but are younger.



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