November 19, 2017

A really wanted to remember this dream because it had a lot of dream activity.

This was odd and somewhat embarrassing, I was reading this dream to my friend and I was like OOPS! there is a naked guy in dream, the full monty(LOL) I have NEVER had a dream of a guy completely naked just standing there in room.

Anyway, he was a little heavy, middle thirties, short, brown hair. a little pot belly. not a sight for sore eyes. Later, when clothed, he hugged some other guy.

Then I am at an older women’ place. She is gone for most of the day and was unaware that men were going to be coming in and out of her apartment for various reasons. She wanted to see guys Identification for some reason. He was wearing a plastic, belt buckle. She wished she brought her luggage with her. Positive, young, energetic, not Seattle, feels like Colorado.

Some place, lively, positive, not TOO wild.

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