The Cabin

January 2, 2018

I was awoken to one of my neighbors having a temper tantrum…I guess…moving around loudly…I also was awoken from a dream/vision OR both. I saw an overweight woman with brown hair and brown eyes, who resembled an old friend. Then a girl with long, blond hair was crawling around on her hands and knees. Anyway, it was a place. I’m trying to remember more, maybe later…I did get a sign when I first arrived in Northern Minnesota. “Call Jamie”.

Fell back asleep… A house…none like I have seen in dream…got to be New Orleans..the bayou…there was a young woman, jumping on floor, saw water coming from floor board. For some reason this house makes me smile…


Later, while going out to eat, I saw a picture of  a cabin at restaurant . A brownish, reddish house, like in dream..It may be cabin or a dumpy house by Bayou.

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