January 30, 2018

Such a strange dream. A couple are at a house. Then there is an area with a lot of people and activity going on, not the U.S, possible military. It reminds me of the same area as my entry, “The Row,” About five people line up near possible a trailer. (NOT SURE WHAT OBJECT IT IS)They are trying to squeeze UNDERNEATH the trailer to sleep. I am next to a guy and tell someone that, ” I am TOO big and cannot fit.” I tell them that I am a size 16, (but actually am a size smaller)  Then I see an African-American woman, who resembles the psych saw recently in Southwest, well anyway, I am there and trying to get something out of the food machine.

Also, there is another area, with some older people, who are squatting at an abandoned building. The building doesn’t look modern or up to code. It reminds of the movie, “The Glass Castle,” but not sure if abandoned building is in New York. With the HUGE homeless population in Los Angeles, It could be there.

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