March 31, 2018

A woman is flying over the United States and sees the state of Texas, bordered by the ocean. $22,000. Later, she is at this house with an ethnic, young twenty-something, with dark, fluffy hair and no shirt. She goes to make a quick call. I mention Santa Fe, but not currently in New Mexico. Did not explore the city of EL Paso when there. A woman who has containers of water, mixed with rocks, walks outside her house on a sunny day. A man who is driving and looks at his watch, which stops at 3:30 PM, for a couple of seconds. Later, he is at a public pool. He empties his pockets including his billfold and places it on the cement and covers it up. He doesn’t go swimming. $77.


I remember thinking about my friend, beginning with the letter M, on how she is more of an East Coast person. I recall a dream of me walking on a skyway of an airport and going to a convenient store at night time. Then I am at a certain location and two women are helping me. I start travelling in different directions.

March 31, 2018

Disease,  2 months, money

On May 14, 2018 I had a conversation with a guy regarding a city in a Southwest town that he used to live, which he paid $22, 000. He suggested about me visiting there for a week.

A WEEK THEME- Memorial for uncle in January, was gone about a week. Then in February, as I was returning from a business trip, I was informed of an aunt, his sister passing away. Then, I heard of a couple of opportunities regarding being gone for a week, a volunteer opportunity, going with family to visit my aunt, ( the one who’s brother & sister just passed) and now this guy. What does it all mean and where exactly is the opportunity.


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