White Rabbits & Pocket

July 14, 2018

White Rabbits

There was a white rabbit that a man put into his cage, then he put the other rabbit in the cage as well. There were two guys, one or both of them may have been gay. One had this red, blood thing sticking outside of his skin. Shouldn’t mix blood, but did.

On July 27, 2018 I went to the library and on a table was this magazine.




July 15, 2018


A young, female Mexican woman is lying down on her bed.  She has a fluffy, dog and some man empty’s the content of his pocket. A pile of change, silver, bullets and other crap.  She has a small note pad with writing in pencil. Then unexpectedly, these two guys come into her room. One big guy, is Caucasian, with light, red hair and tall. A guy who resembles my nephew wipes under his nose with his finger.

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