Dream on Bus, Newborn Kittens & Floating Plane


July 24, 2018

Dream on Bus

I have been on a trip for a little over a week. I rarely have dreams while I am travelling since most of my dreams are about situations going on in my environment so, when I leave environment, the dreams usually cease.

Anyway, I was on a bus and fell asleep.  I recall saying out loud, “Yellow, then Green.”

Dream- A woman was picked up by another woman, she was in a car and smiling.

July 26, 2018

Newborn Kittens

I had a dream, most of it , cannot remember.  A couple had newborn kittens.  Area does not feel familiar. Houses are lined up, like in the movie in, “Sixth Sense,’ Philly.

July 27, 2018

Floating Plane

There are a couple of boys playing in their room. I see a Jetblue airplane floating near the ceiling of the room.




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