Tents & Small House

August 13, 2018


A clear, large tent was covering pieces of mahogany furniture.  When it started raining parts of the tent started leaking water into the tent. A cousin of mine beginning with the letter M, had a smaller tent with a bed inside.

August 14, 2018

Small House

As I was riding the bus, to the right of me, I noticed a black, burnt sculpture of a car. I remember pulling the cord to get off the bus to go to a small house.  A couple of women were living there, one slightly older and a younger one, with blond-hair, that she wore inside a pony-tail. The younger one was sitting on a threadbare couch in the living room. The older woman and I found some coins, so I took them. I was thinking of Florida for some reason.  I left there place through the back door.  I was wearing overalls as I crossed this small bridge, and then fell into some water.  I seem to keep falling into this water.


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