Gay & Much Different

August 19, 2018


Two guys with dark, curly hair meet a woman at a nice, restaurant.  The guys both use the word, “gay” in sentences that the woman has never heard the word used.

I received a magazine in the mail, Vogue, September 2018 shortly afterwords and found an article, “Age Appropriate.” excerpt Bonnouvrier and Gay are hopeful that other agencies…you may have to look to the evolution Gay and Bonnouvrier have observed…

August 20, 2018

Much Different

There is a young woman who is really happy or positive. She sees a plane that comes really close the runway strip. She didn’t even see it coming, it was just right in front of her. Then something odd, I see an area with a small, beach, almost like an island, but its surroundings are much different. She goes to see a older woman, who is sitting at a table. Then I am sitting at a desktop.

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