September 26, 2018

I fell asleep and awoke to feeling like a bat was flying over my head.

I have been having some really strange dreams, that are not like my other dreams. Anyway, felt like dreams are from God, not because they are so surreal, but original.

This dream leaves off from my previous dream, “Mountain,” a woman, who resembles the famous singer and my all time favorite musician.  For the first time, the original singer was singing when she was in her twenties, in the 1970’s.

Then she is with about four of her friends’ All big bone and heavy-set. I recall a younger woman sleeping in a tent or a tent trailer, and possible other people were sleeping too. It feels like they are sleeping on the ground. Then this young, blond-haired woman with, a pony-tail, who is dressed professionally. She is walking through the hallway at her job. I can see the sun shining through the window in this dream, so a sunny day, possible warmer climate,  but doesn’t feel like desert. She is not making enough money to buy a house or cannot afford $538. Then I vividly see her maneuvering through a website and looking at European countries.  She clicks on a country and sees a white, building, structure. I am thinking of Madrid, Spain in this dream.  So maybe she wants to visit.

I am reading, Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and my youngest brother wanted to go to Spain. I also had an 8th grade teacher who was from Spain and would tell the class stories.


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