Mechanics & Ditto

November 6, 2018


My friend beginning with the letter S and I were walking in this dream. I can feel him walking and can see the downtown area. Don’t recognize area, however it looks familiar from a dream, a long time ago. We stop at a mechanics and a guy is working on his car. I was upset about something, I didn’t want a cup, but a Mountain Dew. We would have to take one bus back to original destination.  Also, my youngest brother and deceased Mom are somewhere in the dream.

November 7, 2018


There is a guy sitting on his couch and he looks exactly like one of my brothers, but much younger, mid 30’s-40’s.  Outside his window he has a large garden and kids are walking around with flashlights. Then a tiny, woman with short, blond-hair is stripped down to her panties and underwear.

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