David & Body of Water

December 7, 2018

This black girl is around this apartment complex, then I see the actor David Duchovny in my dream.

December 8, 2018

Most of my dreams are of warmer climate and/or a future time.

Body of Water

I see an area with upscale shopping stores that is enclosed by a small body of water. I see a guy in his speed boat on the water. I go into a souvenir store and pick a brown magnet in the shape of a state and am trying to figure out what state it is in the dream.

A young, beautiful, blond-haired woman is at  a house that has several people there, including an older woman from India. She advises her how to handle a situation.  Another woman confronts her stating that NOT all of her girlfriends are just friends. Then she goes to a customer service area in a large retail store, possible in a mall.


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