$2,500 & Resemble

December 30, 2018


There is a woman who is wearing a dress, with short, reddish like hair. She wanted $2,500 and thought she would have to go to New York to get that kind of money. Then a guy was telling one of my brothers something about a car, or something. The name was changed, maybe about the Title.  Some guy has cash and I see a $100 bill, plus lesser denominations. This woman took a bus to her new, empty apartment at night-time.

January 2, 2019


I remember seeing a woman, who resembled Renee O’Connor in my dream and a picture that resembles Lucy Lawless with a couple of her friends, although I cannot see the other friends, it’s on a wood block thing, at a store.  Then someone got a new dog, large breed.

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