Punk Rocker, Pre-Teen Boy & Blue String

January 11, 2019

Punk Rocker

This dream of girl is clear. She reminded me of Avril Lavigne, wearing black eye liner and dark, wavy hair and really skinny, cool, yet strange-looking. An older guy was around with a big stomach who I guess worked out-of-town a couple of days per month.  She was with her friend, an African- American woman at the woman’s place. The woman who looked like Avril, had a dream or a dejavu experience regarding her purse that came true, she knew it was going to happen.

January 12, 2019

Pre-Teen Boy

I was at an apartment with a pre-teen boy and his friend. I wanted him to do something for me and would give them a pop as well. The pre-teen thought I didn’t care and he wanted more money from me. I told him if I didn’t care, that I wouldn’t be spending time with you. All I had was a twenty dollar bill and a five dollar bill in  an envelope.

January 13, 2019

Blue String

Dumb dream. A girl, maybe the boys sister in Pre-Teen boy, with blond-hair, is somewhat a brat and has a light, blue string tied to her as she is at a stadium walking around.

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