My dreams have been really short, 2 to 3 second images, not even worth mentioning but here it goes…

Last couple of days…a woman is carrying around her infant daughter, both blond-hair…then someone has a tray of food and deciding what she wants to eat….then I am walking in an area towards evening, not currently where located… have had dreamed before.

On a different note…When I was living in the Southwest, a phrase came to my mind…telling lies, you will die….then later realized it was a dream.

This occur shortly afterwords,  I do think this is documented somewhere and ….my cousin told me of a dream she had…she dropped her phone into the waterfall, she could see it in the water… she said that if she picked up the phone in the waterfall, that she will die.

My cousin does not know about my dream of telling lies you will die.

Well another ending of death… On November 9th God told me, “I am coming to kill me…November 11th Sue…November 12th Someone doesn’t like me…

Now I have had dreams of someone being sued many, many years ago..I am usually in a hurry in the dream…there also is something referring to some woman not wanting me on a list…not liking me.

Hey, when people LIE there is bound to be a lawsuit eventually

April 6 subpoena, May 4th U lied under oath, June 9th turn it on U. the blame game

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