January 27, 2019

Another trippy ass dream…really bad neighborhood… a woman brought her friend to a place to stay instead of having her stay with her parents.  The woman will be sleeping on the top of a bunk, a double bed and her friend has a place to stay for two weeks. Her friend has  a locker to place her items.  It is like a bachelor’s pad, not too clean and when she looks outside the window she sees gang members.

The guys living there already have a couple of lease violations of people staying in apartment that are not on lease. She did not check out the place and may still leave and take her stuff to her Mom’s without telling anyone.

Now this is strange…. someone is walking in the front room dressed up like a mummy, well identity is hidden including face. Then a woman who has hair like the Mom (Debra Jo Rupp) in”That 70’s Show”,  but slightly older and slimmer and seems to be helping women.

Then… this is odd.. there are two actresses in this dream,  Reece Witherspoon & Miley Cyrus.

Reece Witherspoon is getting a massage by a young woman(WTF) Miley Cyrus is in a truck with a friend and her friend tells her that she is really fun to hang out with.

Then a woman, possible me, is walking outside and sees different scenery and sees a sign of the city Calexico, MX?

Anyway, she sees people lining up to go through customs, then she is like, she didn’t know that she was NOW in Mexico.




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