Words from God

Small still voice


April 6th Subpoena

May 4th U lied under oath, political asylum

June 9th Turn it on U

First week of August, “I Don’t want to pay for it” in a womans’ voice & catch them in the act

September 27th disappear

October 3rd You thought you were going to horse fuck me

October 4th BULLY

October 5th Whistle blower

October 17th I want it over that is ME

Banish? 28th

November 7th treason

Dec ? I don’t want to know

December 31st Prank, I don’t want to go



January 8th double cross

January 10th reject

January 14th I don’t want to live anymore

January 18th protective custody

January 20th U can do better than that

January 21st ugly



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