Kittens, Orange & Centipede

February 15, 2019

First the dream starts off with a litter of kittens at someone’s house and someone needs to fill the food dishes.

Then I was with my youngest brother in a small room, probable my bedroom. It was nighttime and their was a small orange dot on the ceiling ( where my digital clock time is usually) Also, there was something right next to the orange dot, I think it was a centipede. An orange dot and the centipede moved closer to me, but still on the wall. I told my brother not to bother the centipede, but he didn’t listen to me. The centipede fell off to the floor and tried to attack my brother and so he was hitting it with a ping-pong paddle.

I am not sure  why an orange dot was on the ceiling in place of the digital clock. I have been taking a Spanish Class and have been having difficulty spelling the word for ORANGE, (La Naranja) I tell myself it’s like the word Narnia. 

UPDATE: February 18, 2019

I was listening to the local talk radio and I was surprised to hear about a conversation about DOTS.  They were talking about how in New York that by selling one’s information, the mobile phone apps could trace your physical location. The dots were wither Green OR purple.

Data breach, hacked, blackmail, identity theft, security

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