Repair & Townhomes

February 17, 2019

Before I fell asleep, I was thinking of the word Vagabond


A bald, African-American man and a Caucasian woman are in bed together, both are wearing their clothes. I guess he fixed a very large, window in her place.

Then a woman was with a couple of her friends when she got a call from a business man in Seattle. I cannot hear the conversation, but she seems to trust and believe him. Someone also mentioned California.

I am recalling a past dream, which I am not for sure if I documented it or not. I remember going to look at a place, possible a small cottage. Then I remember standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus to go to the ocean. The bus didn’t run that often.

February 18, 2019

Town Homes

A woman is taking pictures of a very nice town homes that are a grey color with white trimming. Then there is a place that has these animals roaming around freely, not in cages at all.



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