Relationship & Actor

March 20, 2019


Last night at my apartment the emergency alert went off about three times around 2 AM in the morning. A couple of arguments broke out close to the elevator on my floor and outside, more than usual. 

This dream starts with a Caucasian woman sitting at a table of her African American boyfriends house. I can see the back of her head in the dream, she has long, brown hair.

There is some disagreement as her boyfriend is leaving the back door.  Her boyfriend either doesn’t want her to leave or not letting her leave. (Also the back door area looks similar to my brothers and ex-wife house many years ago)

There is this bed that some children are sleeping with my deceased Mom.


Then the actor Johnny Depp is wearing black mascara and is talking to a young, blond-haired woman about his work experience. He worked for someone and mentions a name, cannot remember.  He mentions something about the mob. Anyway, the woman thought either he was cool, or his experiences were cool.

I personally am a fan of Johnny Depp’s work.

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