March 24, 2019

This woman seems to be in a classroom working for a couple of women. She was supposed to work on Friday, but then they told her it would be Saturday. Then she is with a group of pre-teens young girls who all are wearing shorts and a t-shirt, possible a track group. The woman would have to take a bus in order to get to this job.

Then there is a man wearing a blue uniform, who is sitting in a chair in an office. He is waiting to talk to someone.

Then in the dream, and this is kind of spooky, I see just the head of one of my brothers, he is younger with longer, brown hair.  The image reminds me of the time when I was a child and I saw my brothers face in the window. I got scared and screamed.

Then I am walking in this area, it reminds me of the area of the New England Aquarium in Boston because I see pictures that remind me of this area.


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