Aqua Mala & British Flag

April 2, 2019

Aqua Mala

I was with my friend beginning with the letter J and  told him that I know to keep my mouth shut and not talk too much. Then there was this woman who has never been in any of my dreams, she was ethnic, possible Puerto Rico or Hispanic. She had a positive and good personality.  We were trying to make a necklace out of very colorful, wooded beads. The woman sang a strange nursery rhyme or something strange like that..up da boom??/ She physically reminded me of the woman in an old, X-file series titled, “Aqua Mala”

April 4, 2019

British Flag

I awoke from a dream, but did not document it, all I remember is a man being content on the 4th about something.

This young woman who’s been or felt so alone is now surrounded by her friends and has support.  She seems to have things line up and wants to take Spanish classes, but  she wants to take French  classes, even more. She goes to see her male friends, one is living in the basement of a house and the other they are walking in a small park, near marina full of boats.  She sees one of the boats painted in a British Flag theme.  It seems like the people in her life are waiting to receive large sums of money.

Later she is waiting in a car for her friend to come out. Her friend lives in a small apartment complex.

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